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Love Is Essential at Mountz Jewelers!

Love Is Essential at Mountz Jewelers!

During times of hardship, or when facing the unknown, having someone there that has your back is something that we should not take for granted. 

There is meaning in the words “I Do.” There is sentiment behind the round diamond band signifying forever. Mountz Jewelers recognizes the commitment of marriage every day by providing couples the opportunity to buy a special piece of jewelry that is sure to solidify the promise of eternal love.

Mountz Jewelers also recognizes the love shared between friends, family, and anyone who makes a difference in our lives, which is why this year the special offers during our summer event apply to all jewelry!

Love persists through many acts, and we are so excited to present our Love Is Essential Jewelry Event, June 18th - 20th! There are so many reasons to spread love today, especially with the current pandemic. We have been spending more time together than we may have thought possible, and we are learning to be more and more grateful for the meaningful people in our lives. 

The best part is that there are plenty of ways to showcase your love and appreciation with our special Love Is Essential Jewelry Event. Here are some of the incentives you can find at our event June 18th - 20th:

Special Jewelry Financing 

Many of us are taking extra care of our finances. Maybe you are saving for the big day or preparing to buy your first home. Mountz Jewelers recognizes the unique financial considerations that affect our customers, and with special financing up to one year, we can help your jewelry dreams come true!

The perfect gift might be right within your grasp, so do not let it slip away. We are excited to work with you in creating a payment plan that is manageable and does not break the bank. Nothing brings a smile to your loved ones face more than a gift from Mountz Jewelers. It shows that you appreciate them and that you are always thinking of them.


Fine Jewelry Discounts

It also does not hurt to get a little bit taken off the top! And, $100 - $500 taken off your purchase can go a long way in your decision making. The more you buy, the more you save!

Any amount of savings can go a long way, and let’s face it, saving money is not the only reason to buy. If you are thinking about how you cannot wait to pop the question, we are here to help make it happen. A gift from Mountz Jewelers is also the perfect way to say, “Thank You” and share your love with someone who has made a big difference in your life. 

Complete Engagement Rings

An engagement ring is a big purchase to make, and not just financially. This is a huge emotional investment, and we want you to be thinking more with your heart than with your wallet. 

During our Love Is Essential Jewelry event, you can find complete engagement rings starting at just $1,299. Find the perfect diamond ring, for the perfect price at Mountz Jewelers! We have an amazing selection for you to browse, and we believe that the perfect ring for your unique love is here with us. You will have the opportunity to find a complete engagement ring that showcases her unique personality and intricate style. 

Custom and Trade-In

If you have a special gift in mind but cannot seem to find it in our expansive collections, then we can help you create your own custom jewelry design! Create the ring of her dreams that she will cherish for eternity. With up to a year of special financing, you can have the best of both worlds. More money in your pocket and a unique gift for your loved one is a win-win in our book! 

Maybe your significant other already has their favorite piece of jewelry. Whether it is an antique ring that their grandmother gifted them, or a diamond pendant that they bought just for themselves, with some hard work and a little bit of elbow grease, we can have their special jewelry upgraded to look like an entirely new piece. 

During our jewelry event, you can also trade in your delicate pieces to upgrade to the diamond of your dreams! There may not be anything wrong with what your significant other has…but a little bit of extra sparkle can rejuvenate and refresh your loved one’s treasured jewelry pieces. 

We have all realized how essential love really is, especially during this uncertain time. Let’s face it - we could all use a little bit of extra love right now.

Contact us today, or schedule an appointment with Mountz Jewelers to have a personalized experience during our Love Is Essential Jewelry Event from June 18th through the 20th. Take advantage of our fantastic deals and put a smile on your loved one’s face! Do not miss the biggest jewelry event of the year. We look forward to seeing you then!