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John Hardy Mother's Day Gift Guide

John Hardy Mother's Day Gift Guide

Our days may feel like they are starting to blend, from working from home to online classes, this has become our new normal. However, with Mother’s Day just around the corner now is not the time to forget that special someone. The person who was your original nurse when you got hurt or sick. Or, your amazing partner that keeps everyone together during these scary days. Moms that are on the front lines of COVID-19 doing their best to help those in need. Now more than ever it is a time to remember all the hard work that mothers continue to do and take a moment to say thank you.

Asli Classic Chain Link Station Bracelet

Asli classic chain link station bracelet to let them know you are thinking of them. With the detail of sculptural woven links that twist and meander to show your woven lives. From beginning to end they will be with you and this classic piece will be something they can wear for all those occasions.

John Hardy Asli Classic Chain Small Chain Bracelet in Sterling Silver with Push Clasp

Sterling Silver Hammered Large Flex Cuff Bracelet

Maybe you want to give them something with just as much strength as they have. Our Hammered Flex Cuff Bracelet, like all our Dot Collection pieces, embodies endless connection. With John Hardy’s signature chain carved into each piece, it represents the strength that comes with unity. A connection that cannot be broken, like that of family.

John Hardy Dot Collection Sterling Silver Hammered Large Flex Cuff Bracelet

Classic Chain Sautoir Necklace with Freshwater Pearls

Mothers are a symbol of strength in their homes and communities. Embody that strength and togetherness with a classic chain sterling silver pearl station long necklace. This piece honors the Balinese tradition of hand weaving, and beautiful freshwater pearls that any mom would love. Delicate and strong representing everything that we see with mothers.

John Hardy Classic Chain Sterling Silver Sautoir Pearl Station Long Necklace

Classic Chain Ring with Freshwater Pearls

Always there when it gets tough and helps pull you through it all. Show off that grit and grace with our classic chain pearl ring featuring an assortment of freshwater pearls. All pearls connected like that of you and that special person that will never lose sight of that.

John Hardy Freshwater Pearl Ring in Sterling Silver

Many of us are struggling during these times and as we continue to think about the future, we need to look at the present. Mothers that continue to hold families and communities together through their strength while putting time to take care of themselves on the backburner. Take a moment to remind them that you are here for them too, that you are there to help hold them up especially on this very special Mothers’ Day. Mountz Jewelers is there for all your Mother’s Day gifts, for that special someone that is always there.