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Perfect Moment #ThousandsAndCounting

CrystalBoust Mountz Jewelers continues to share the Perfect Moments our customers so happily share with us! When members of our Mountz family celebrate their love for each other with us, it’s only fitting that we pass it along as proud contributors to their special moment. Therefore we are thrilled to announce the engagement of Crystal & Brandon, members of our Carlisle family! We wish them much love as they begin their life together and we look forward to celebrating all their perfect moments in the years to come.

Crystal & Brandon’s Perfect Moment February 14, 2015

“We met our first year at Shippensburg University, both as transfers, through a mutual friend. There was never an ‘official’ first date as the first few times we met it was at the dining hall on campus. The first time we actually spent time together alone was in Brandon’s dorm watching New Girl.” As we now know, the rest would be history! On Valentine’s Day Brandon presented Crystal with an engagement ring that would be as gorgeous as it is unique. She wanted a ring with some color in it. Therefore, Crystal & Brandon came to Mountz Jewelers and found a setting that they loved with an Amethyst center gemstone and diamonds on the side. “We had a really great experience at Mountz. Everyone was so friendly and helped us pick out the perfect ring! We had it on layaway so we stopped into Mountz every month to make payments. We are going to miss stopping in monthly and seeing everyone!” Crystal & Brandon’s wedding day is June 27, 2015. We will be thinking of them and wish them the best of luck as they continue on their journey together. We look forward to seeing them as they celebrate all the upcoming moments in their life, including graduating college this May! Crystals Engagement Ring Photo

Crystal & Brandon, February 2015