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"Something Old" Wedding Ideas

"Something Old" Wedding Ideas

"Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue." Every bride has heard these words, usually accompanied by something to the effect of, "Do you have yours?" If you have your new, blue and borrowed, you might be scratching your head, trying to think of something old for this wedding tradition. You aren't alone, though. Many brides wonder what to choose for their for something old or spend a lot of time searching for creative "something old" wedding ideas.

Don't struggle with finding something old for your wedding. Whether you're unsure of what to do for your something old or curious about the meaning of the tradition, we're here to help. Here are some "something old" wedding ideas for brides to help you fulfill this timeless tradition and get ready for your big day.

What Does "Something Old" Mean?

While many brides participate in this tradition for their wedding, they may not know what it means today. Some brides believe this tradition brings luck to the wedding day and the marriage. It's all about what you believe, but it is certainly fun to partake in the tradition and think of creative "something old" wedding ideas for brides.

In this wedding tradition, the bride usually wears something from each of the four categories. Alternatively, you could use the items to decorate around your venue instead of wearing them. Either way, each aspect has its own meaning, making the tradition special for each bride who participates:

  • Old: Something old represents the idea of continuity. This could mean continuing the happiness of your relationship well into marriage, continuing traditions or continuing your family name as you and your beloved create a family together.

  • New: Something new symbolizes optimism for the future. As you and your partner enter into a new stage of life together, the tradition allows you to look towards the future.
  • Borrowed: Something borrowed is meant to bring luck to the marriage. According to the tradition, you should borrow something from a friend or loved one in a happy marriage for the most luck, but any important friend or loved one will do.
  • Blue: Something blue represents love, purity and fidelity. Many believe these are three key aspects of any marriage, so include blue to bring these qualities into your relationship.

Do Brides Still Do "Something Old, Something New"?

Whether you're a trendy bride or one who prides herself in having a unique celebration, you may want to participate in this tradition. You can give it your unique spin or remain close to the original tradition.

Brides today still do the "something old" wedding tradition, but it has changed dramatically over the years. The classic saying today originates from an Old English rhyme. The rhyme is quite similar to today's use, but the entire quote goes, "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a sixpence in your shoe." Thankfully, brides today aren't expected to walk down the aisle with money in their shoes, but the rest of the rhyme remains.

The significance of performing this tradition has also slightly changed over the years. In the past, the "something old" wedding tradition served to bring luck and happiness to a marriage, though it was also meant to bring the married couple fertility as they created a new family. That aspect of the tradition has become outdated, but you could certainly apply it to your old, new, borrowed and blue if you wat fertility along with good fortune and happiness. Most couples now focus on luck and happiness, which is why the tradition remains popular today.

What to Do for Something Old

Deciding what to wear for the something old stumps a lot of brides. Luckily, there's no need to stress because you have unlimited options. Some creative "something old" wedding ideas brides have used before include:

  • An heirloom: Whether it's from your or your partner's side of the family, an heirloom makes the perfect choice for the "something old" wedding tradition. Perhaps you have a gemstone handed down that you could set in a new piece of jewelry. Your family may even have a traditional item that women before you wore on their wedding day, meaning you can participate in multiple traditions at once. No matter the heirloom, you can carry a special part of your family down the aisle with you.
  • A small token: Your "something old" doesn't have to be something substantial. Try using a small pearl or bead from a piece of your grandmother's jewelry or taking a small section of fabric from an antique piece of clothing. Incorporate these into your dress or bouquet for a small, yet significant touch. Many brides sew a heart-shaped piece of old somewhere onto their wedding dresses, but you could also use it to wrap your bouquet.
  • A pair of vintage shoes: This option is especially great for brides with a shorter dress. Show off some vintage footwear as you walk down the aisle. Choose heels for something classic or go whimsical with colorful sneakers. You could go thrifting for these shoes or see if anyone in your family has a pair you could wear.
  • An antique veil or gloves: If your mother, grandmother or other family member has a veil or gloves from her wedding day, you could use it for yours. As long as the style matches your dress, you can add an elegant "something old" to your special day. If the styles don't quite match, you could still get away with wearing a "something old" accessory because of the sentimental value it has to you and your family.
  • A vintage ring box or pillow: If you don't want to wear any antiques, you could keep your wedding rings in or on something old. Go antiquing for a vintage ring box or pillow, or use one from a loved one. It's a special way to add something old to your wedding day that is still heavily involved in the ceremony, letting you show off your "something old" to your guests as you and your partner exchange rings.
  • A poem or love note: You don't have to think of what to wear for something old. Instead, put a line from an old poem or old love note between you and your partner into your vows. You could even incorporate it into wedding invitations or a decor item at your venue. It's a beautiful and subtle way to participate in the tradition that also shows what is important to you and your partner or what you love about each other.
  • A cake topper: Find a vintage cake topper or use one passed down through your family. It will make a lovely part of your decor since you can display it proudly on top of your beautiful wedding cake. You can show off this "something old" when it's time to cut the cake with your partner.

You can use any combination of the above ideas or one you think of on your own to fill your ceremony with vintage flare. Choose one stand-out piece among them to be your "something old" or let each item work together for the tradition.

The "something old" item you choose may even start a tradition if it isn't already continuing one. You can pass down these items to your children or other members of your family on their wedding days. To help preserve that personal tradition, choose an item that will last multiple lifetimes. Many brides choose to wear jewelry to check off different parts of the traditional list, a classic choice being a locket.

How to Use a Locket for Something Old

A locket is a sentimental piece of jewelry that can bring pictures of loved ones or other small trinkets close to your heart. With a locket's loving symbolism, it's no surprise that this jewelry is a popular choice for brides looking for "something old" wedding ideas. To get creative with "something old" wedding lockets, you could:

  • Wear an heirloom: "Something old" wedding lockets for brides often come from a loved one. Perhaps one of your relatives or someone from your partner's side of the family gifted you a locket. The heirloom works perfectly for your "something old" and honors your family, so wear it proudly during your ceremony.
  • Find an antique: The locket doesn't have to be from a member of your family or a friend. Visit antique shops or search at jewelry stores that sell vintage pieces. You'll have more options so you can find something old that suits your tastes and the style of your dress.

  • Pick a new one: But how can a new locket count for something old? Place an old photo of a loved one in a locket for something old. For a sentimental touch, use a photo of a friend or family member who has passed away. You could also use an old photo of your parents, grandparents or other important family members on their wedding days. You'll have sentimental old photos and something new to cover multiple parts of the tradition.

You could also put a small token inside a locket, new or old. Perhaps you have a gemstone passed down to you or another small charm. You could show it off in a new floating locket in gold, rose gold or silver. A floating locket has a see-through design, allowing you to display a photo or small trinkets. Choose from different metals and designs, depending on your preference and the style of your wedding day wear.

When you use a locket for your "something old," be sure it will fit in with the rest of your wedding day outfit by:

  • Using it as a statement piece for your jewelry.
  • Making sure the length suits your wedding dress neckline.
  • Making sure the style of the locket goes with your dress and other pieces.

You do not have to wear the locket around your neck, either. "Something old" items for brides often include lockets as a bouquet decoration. If your old locket is too fragile to wear or wrap around your bouquet, you could use it as a decoration somewhere in your venue. The reception table is a popular spot for sentimental decor that guests will see as they enter the reception, and your creative "something old" wedding locket is sure to impress everyone and inspire future brides.

With a new locket or an old one you've been gifted, you can create a piece of jewelry that commemorates your wedding day. You can continue wearing the locket after your special day or display it somewhere special to keep it safe. To create an even more unique piece of jewelry, you could:

  • Have it engraved with the date of your wedding.
  • Keep your vows inside if you wrote them down.
  • Have a line from your vows engraved on the locket.
  • Keep a piece of lace or fabric from your wedding dress inside.
  • Put a photo of a loved one from your wedding day in the locket.

While you may not want to have an old piece engraved, you could easily customize a new one. Hold onto that new locket for years to come so you can pass it down to a child or family member to wear as their "something old" or lend it to them so it can be their "something borrowed." You can develop a family tradition with these creative "something old" wedding lockets, so put some thought into what you choose and treat it carefully.

Can Something Old and Borrowed Be the Same Thing?

Many brides combine traditions into one item. They may get a new pair of blue shoes or borrow something old. While some brides prefer to keep the "somethings" separate and have four items, whether or not you do depends on your preference.

As you think of "something old" wedding ideas, take inspiration from other brides. Borrow an old photograph for a new locket to cover three aspects of the tradition, or borrow an old locket from a family member to wear on your special day. You can then use the locket as a decoration for a bouquet that features blue flowers to tick off more of the tradition's boxes.

When it comes to these traditions, feel free to make them your own. Combine every trait into one item or bring your partner and everyone in your wedding party in on the fun.

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