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The Guide to Stunning Diamond Shapes

One of the most important steps in the proposal process is picking out the ring for your special moment. There are many factors that go into finding the perfect engagement ring but a great starting place is selecting the diamond shape that represents your everlasting love. At Mountz, helping you pick the right diamond is practically in our blood. As a generational business, our family has worked with customers over the years, developing an understanding on which diamond shapes match each personality. That’s why we're here to guide you along the journey to discover what diamond shape represents your one-of-a-kind relationship.

The Classic Round Diamond

The most popular diamond shape is the round diamond. A round diamond is an elegant gemstone perfect for the partner who’s in touch with their romantic side and enjoys a classic dinner date. If this matches your timeless style, Hearts On Fire Halo Engagement Ring would be the perfect representation of your everlasting love. Featuring micropavé gemstones encased in an infinity-style band, this ring is enchanting and extraordinary.

The Distinct Oval Diamond

Similar to a round shape, the oval diamond exudes brilliance with a little extra flair. It's a perfect gemstone for someone who embraces individuality, pulling off styles others wouldn’t dare of even trying. This Forevermark Center of My Universe Engagement Ring is an exceptional choice for the one that breaks the mold. The oval gemstone, encased in a beautiful diamond halo and mounted on an 18-Karat gold band, is sure to impress your unique companion.

The Playful Princess Diamond

A princess-shaped diamond is an ideal choice for the partner whose imaginative outlook keeps you feeling young. Want to remind her of her childhood fairytale? Consider this Tacori Reverse Crescent Engagement Ring, showcasing a gleaming 1-carat princess-shaped diamond, accented by micropavé gemstones set in a vintage-inspired bezel. The marvelous 18-Karat white gold ring is sure to bring joy to the one who’s in touch with their inner child.

The Complex Cushion Diamond

Blending the sharp lines of the princess shape with the smooth edge of the round, the cushion shaped diamond is the perfect combination of tradition and trendy. For the partner who flawlessly blends the old with the new, we recommend this Henri Daussi Halo Cushion Engagement Ring. The classic halo design fits perfectly with the micropavé band, set in 18-Karat white gold.

The Easygoing Pear Diamond

The pear shaped diamond is an impeccable choice for the partner who manages to keep a calm outlook in even the most stressful situations. If your sweetheart is known among their friends for their relaxed nature, look no further. This Gabriel & Co. Alina Pear Engagement Ring features a stunning hidden halo and micropavé gemstones. It's a remarkable choice if your significant other is laid-back and easygoing.

The Refined Emerald Diamond

For the partner who lives a lavish and sophisticated life, an emerald shaped diamond is an exceptional choice. This Mountz Collection Emerald Diamond Band is sure to impress the one whose grace sets them apart. The thick platinum band hosts seven emerald shaped diamonds in a buttercup setting. This chic style guaranteed to make your other half’s eyes sparkle.

The Confident Marquise Diamond

The marquise shaped diamond is a particularly unique option. Originally designed for one of King Louis XV of France’s mistresses, this distinctive gemstone is expressive enough to match the outgoing personality of your charming significant other. Take this Gabriel & Co. Aurora White Gold Band for example. This ring features an extravagant white gold double-band that will wow any charismatic extrovert.

Celebrate National Proposal Day

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