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The monthly stats ... January!

Happy New Year! Now that the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is behind us, it’s now time to put all our energy into achieving the many, many New Year’s resolutions we’ve set for ourselves. If you don’t have pampering and treating yourself every now and then on your list, we recommend you add it now, before it’s too late! Therefore, for those of you, like me who have things to celebrate this month, be sure to take care of yourself and don’t let everyone who is tired of buying presents, skimp on your January celebration! Here are a few statics you can share to state your case.

  • January is one of seven months that has a length of 31 days.
  • January, on average, is the coldest month of the year within most of the Northern Hemisphere and the warmest month within most of the Southern Hemisphere.
  • January is National Thank You month and therefore, we say thank you to all our customers for making 2013 such a great year at Mountz Jewelers. THANK YOU!
  • Three Wise Men Day or Epiphany celebrated on January 6.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is always the third Monday of the month and this year falls on January 20.Metalsmiths Earrings in Sterling Silver and featuring Garnet Bezels.
  • January’s birthstone is the garnet which signifies eternal friendship and trust and is the perfect gift for a friend or loved one. Garnet, derived from the word granatum, means seed, and is called so because of the gemstone’s resemblance to a pomegranate seed.
  • January’s flower is the cottage pink Dianthus caryophyllus or galanthus.
  • January’s Zodiac signs are Capricorn (until January20) and Aquarius (January 21 onwards).
  • January celebrity birthdays: Cuba Gooding (2), Eli Manning (3), Bradley Cooper and January Jones (5), Nicolas Cage and Katie Couric (7), Kate Middleton (9), Rod Stewart and Pat Benatar (10), Mary Blige and Naomi Judd (11), Howard Stern (12), Liam Hemsworth, Orlando Bloom, Patrick Dempsey and Julia Dreyfus (13), LL Cool J (14), Drew Brees (15), Joe Flacco (16), Betty White, Jim Carrey and Michelle Obama (17), Jason Segel and Kevin Costner (18), Dolly Parton (19), Diane Lane (22), Mariska Hargitay (23), Neil Diamond (24), Alicia Keys (25), Ellen DeGeneres (26), Elijah Wood (28), Oprah Winfrey and Tom Selleck (29), Christian Bale (30) and Kerry Washington and Justin Timberlake (31).

What are you celebrating this January? Let us know if we can help make your special day even better!