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The Perfect Moment for College Sweethearts

In Emily’s words,

Emily and Matt

Matt and I first met when I was a junior at college. I was working on my nursing clinical hours while he was working on his in the pharmacy at Hershey Medical Center.  About two years later we met again and had our first official date at Devon’s in Hershey. Within a year he moved from Selinsgrove to Harrisburg to be closer to me and the rest is history.

Matt proposed to me on Good Friday and I was totally surprised! We took a spontaneous trip to Charlottesville, VA and stopped at UVA, Monticello, and ended our trip at Keswick Vineyard. Knowing that springtime and cherry blossoms are my favorite he chose a beautiful mansion at the vineyard where we took a walk.  By the front of the mansion I noticed a wine bottle on the ground and on the bottle it said Emily, will you marry me?  He also had a photographer there to capture the moment which even made it more special.

Our experience at Mountz Jewelers has been nothing less than exceptional! Jake has been very helpful and is very knowledgeable about diamonds and jewelry. He always made time in his schedule to meet with Matt and assisted in picking out the perfect ring. I look forward to picking out our wedding bands with Jake and spending more time at Mountz.

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