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The Perfect Ring For Your Personality

Traditionally, the bride doesn’t get to pick out her own engagement ring because it’s her significant other that buys it for her when she’s least expecting it. It can lead to the most romantic moment of your life, but does the love of your life know what kind of ring you’d like? Do you?

If you haven’t spent the majority of your adult life pinning gorgeous rings to online boards in the hopes of wearing one of them one day, you may be wondering what kind of ring is right for you. After all, rings have personalities almost as much as people do. To find the perfect ring, choose some key characteristics about yourself and learn about what design best matches who you are.

Glam Bride

Your jewelry box is overflowing with flashy, chunky necklaces and you never leave the house without having full makeup on. Try looking at some glam rings next time you’re out in town! You won’t be able to miss them. They’ll have giant stones and often a three band, diamond whirlwind design, and they’ll look great with your favorite shoulder bag.

Bold Bride

You’re never without your fake eyelashes and statement shoes, so why would your engagement ring be any different? Bold rings can match any outfit, and you’ll find them when you see bling like yellow oval gems set into diamond encrusted bands. Any engagement ring with some color is bold and fun, and they’ll match your personality perfectly.

Bohemian Bride

Sometimes you dream of pulling off the bohemian look, or maybe your closet is already full of the laid-back, easy going style. Your engagement ring should be just as comfortable and stylish as you. Browse rings that have thin gold bands and opal or moonstones set in the middle. Some bands can even be intertwined like twisting branches. Bohemian rings definitely stand out from the rest.

Adventurous Bride

A ring can be the key to some of your favorite memories, and some of those might be of going on an adventure with your friends or loved ones. Gorgeous rings for an adventurous bride all depend on the cut of your big diamond. Think about trying on some Emerald or Oval cuts. They’ll make you think of times when you got to be one with the earth, and they’ll keep you craving adventure every time you look down at your hand.

Classic Bride

Classic brides dream of ball gown dresses and rose bouquets, plus an engagement ring that is stylish and sophisticated. Rings that go well with the classic kind of personality are ones that might be more vintage. They’ll have simple bands with elegantly set diamonds. You can get any cut you’d like too, so look around for the older, simpler rings at local jewelry stores or even thrift shops.


After running through some examples of different kinds of rings and their personalities, you can now be confident in your ability to spot a ring that fits who you are. Look up bands and cuts that match who you are both in and outside of your wedding, and your ring won’t just represent eternal love—it’ll be a lasting representation of you, too.

If you’re still unsure what kind of ring you want, stop by a Mountz Jewelers near you and our experienced staff will help you find the ring of your dreams.