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Top Ring Designers & How to Choose the One That's Right for You

Top Engagement Ring Designers

You’ve found the perfect partner — the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. Before you can start that life of wedded bliss, however, you need the perfect ring for the perfect proposal.

Top Engagement Ring Designers You Should Know About

The vast number of ring designers give you almost endless options, but that variety can also make the process of picking a ring more challenging. Who are the top jewelry designers? Do they have designs that fit your needs? Learning more about the top diamond ring designers helps you narrow down the field of rings to get just the right one for your future spouse, and we’ll help you do it:

1. A. Jaffe

Engagement rings from A. Jaffe carry the same quality established in 1892 when Abraham Jaffe opened up his shop in downtown New York City. His forward-thinking approach to creating jewelry still guides the design and craftsmanship used in every A. Jaffe engagement ring. Each ring from this designer takes up to 80 hours to create, and they’re made by master jewelers with years of experience using skills passed down for generations. The designer uses only quality materials, including conflict-free diamonds, so you can feel good about proposing with an A. Jaffe ring.

When you look at an A. Jaffe engagement ring, you’ll notice a unique, subtle square on the shank. Not only does that shaping give your bride-to-be a ring that stands out, it lets her wear the ring more comfortably and without the twisting that often happens with rings. Those little touches make an A. Jaffe engagement ring the perfect representation of your love. A. Jaffe offers complimentary customization to make the ring perfect for your special someone.

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2. Forevermark

Choosing a Forevermark diamond means choosing beauty and rarity. Part of The De Beers Group of Companies, Forevermark has more than 125 years of expertise in the diamond industry. Only distinct diamonds of the utmost quality and beauty make it past the rigorous selection process used by Forevermark. Less than 1 percent of diamonds are considered worthy of the Forevermark name. All diamonds are responsibly sourced from mines that meet strict compliance guidelines and benefit their communities. Popping the question with a Forevermark diamond is something you can be proud of.

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3. Hearts on Fire

A Hearts on Fire ring is all about the diamond. Sure, the settings are amazing, too, but buying a Hearts on Fire engagement ring really comes down to wanting an exceptional diamond to slip on your partner’s finger. This ring designer focuses on using only the highest quality diamonds cut with a proprietary formula to create more sparkle than any other ring. In other words, your future spouse’s ring will outshine all of their friends’ rings.

Hearts on Fire Engagement Ring

This formula produces the perfect diamond, which creates a Fireburst pattern and eight heart designs in the light reflections. A Hearts on Fire ring is perfect for someone who loves sparkle. Glenn and Susan Rothman started Hearts on Fire in 1996 after they found a perfectly cut diamond in Belgium that created the Fireburst pattern and hearts. Glenn then set out to create his own perfectly cut diamonds, which resulted in the creation of Hearts on Fire a short time later. The company relishes in love, romance, passion and the wow factor, which you can see in each design.

What sets a Hearts on Fire diamond apart? Here are some of the elements that go in to creating maximum sparkle:

  • Diamond quality: Hearts on Fire scours the world to find the highest quality diamonds with transparent, knot-free crystals. In fact, less than one-tenth of one percent of all diamonds makes the cut. These high-quality diamonds excel at capturing and reflecting light.
  • Quality craftsmen: It takes a lot to become a diamond cutter for Hearts on Fire. The ring designer seeks the best diamond cutters in the world to handle the precision cuts. With that expertise comes quality that shows in each perfectly cut Hearts on Fire diamond.
  • Superior manufacturing standards: The diamond cutters working for Hearts on Fire use 100x magnification — much higher than the standard 10x magnification — to create precision results.
  • Cutting formula: Hearts on Fire diamonds undergo a highly secret cutting formula to get perfect symmetry, proportions, polish and alignment to maximize sparkle.

Hearts on Fire rings come in a variety of styles, including halo, pave, solitaire, side-stone and three-stone designs. This variety gives you a range of options, from a traditional solitaire to a more modern design. Within each style of engagement ring, you’ll find a variety of designs to fit a wide range of preferences. This variety lets you capture the one-of-a-kind sparkle of a Hearts on Fire diamond in a style that fits your bride-to-be.

Before choosing a Hearts on Fire ring, have a clear idea of the style of ring the recipient prefers. You know you’re getting an exceptional diamond, but having style details in mind before making your selection ensure the total package wows your partner when you propose.

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4. Henri Daussi

The Henri Daussi collection got its start in Antwerp, Belgium over 60 years ago, when Henri Daussi Loots followed in the tradition of his family. He learned diamond cutting from his father. His grandfather was also a diamond cutter. Loots grew to become a respected master diamond cutter, creating unique and signature cuts for his creations. Henri’s grandchildren currently run the business, which is now based in New York City.

The Daussi Cushion collection is a popular choice, with cushion-cut diamonds in a variety of sizes, with both elongated and squared cuts available. The cushion-cut diamonds feature a wide range of settings, all with amazing detail and modern design elements.

Another popular collection from Henri Daussi is the Daussi Fancy Colors collection. The engagement rings in this collection feature brilliant yellow diamonds as the center stones. This collection features halo settings with white diamonds surrounding the center stone and lining the band. Choose this collection for someone who wants something different — and who preferably likes the color yellow. Henri Daussi rings come in a variety of metals including white gold, yellow gold and platinum to match the recipient’s preferred metal type. The rings also use various setting types, including prong and pave.

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JB Star Engagement Ring

5. JB Star

JB Star engagement rings start with quality materials and beautiful diamonds. Each ring is hand made one ring at a time, ensuring the ring is a quality piece that lasts. Rings from JB Star are only made from platinum, 18-karat yellow gold and pink gold. The designs are modern and stylish yet timeless, so the ring will always look beautiful on your sweetheart’s finger. The designer uses the latest technology to produce the finest quality rings, and each piece is thoroughly inspected to ensure every last detail is up to the rigorous standards of the brand. 

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6. Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld is a well-known name in the design world, but his appearance in the engagement ring arena is a relatively new development in his career. Lagerfeld launched his engagement ring line in fall of 2016. The rings aim to reach the millennial crowd, many of whom are currently getting engaged. With that clientele in mind, the rings take on a fresh look without being too over-the-top. The rings call on traditional elements, but the designs have a distinct, modern look.

Lagerfeld’s engagement ring line includes three primary collections, each of which finds inspiration from a different source. The collections include:

  • Pyramid collection: The rings in this collection incorporate pyramids, a signature element in Lagerfeld’s designs. Even the prongs of the rings feature a pyramid shape.
  • Geometric shape collection: The second collection uses a variety of geometric shapes in the designs, including hexagons and ovals. Many of the center stones are cut into a traditional shape, but the halo settings around the center stone take on a geometric shape, giving the entire stone the illusion of the shape.
  • Parisian inspiration collection: Lagerfeld found inspiration in Parisian architecture for the third collection of engagement rings. The rings replicate the curves and arches found in the architecture, resulting in unique designs.

While Lagerfeld designed these rings with millennials in mind, anyone who loves the fresh, modern look and wants something unique should consider this line. When choosing a Karl Lagerfeld engagement ring, start by narrowing the search to one of the three collections. From there, you can check out the different options to find the perfect design for your sweetheart.

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7. Scott Kay

Scott Kay consistently sets trends in the engagement ring industry. In the late 1980s, this ring designer helped make platinum a popular metal for bridal jewelry at a time when it wasn’t used much. The designs call on traditional elements, but Scott Kay rings push past the limitations of traditional design, resulting in elegant, timeless pieces with a modern edge.

Scott Kay rings feature a distinct style, which the designer is known for. The rings tend to have an ornate appearance, with lots of little details without being too over-the-top for everyday wear. While Scott Kay himself passed away in 2014, his legacy lives on, as expert artisans continue creating high-quality pieces in that same Scott Kay style. “Never compromise” has always been the Scott Kay motto. Scott Kay rings use fine-quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship in unique engagement rings designs.

If your bride-to-be likes simple designs, you may want to look for a different designer. Scott Kay rings best suit those who want an ornate yet modern look. Many of the ring designs feature many side stones, with different arrangements of the side stones. Halo designs are popular in the Scott Kay collection. While platinum is still a prominent metal used in the designs, you can also get Scott Kay rings in gold, so it’s important to know what type of metal your future spouse likes.

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8. Simon G.

Simon G. designs stay ahead of the curve in the jewelry industry. Craftsmanship is a high priority with this designer, and it doesn’t go unnoticed. Simon G. has many awards for the designs the company produces. The designer spends a great deal of time perfecting each new design to create pieces people will love. All rings are hand-set by seasoned artisans. Rings from Simon G. feature many unique, modern styles you don’t see from other designers.

Simon G Engagement Ring

The collection offers more than seven dozen style combinations, with a range of options from slightly more traditional to highly innovative modern designs. This range of options makes Simon G. a designer who works for many different people. Expect to find more varieties of precious metals used in the designs. Some designs incorporate colored diamonds instead of just the traditional white diamonds. Simon G. rings use pave, prong and channel settings to secure the stones in a way that best suits a particular ring design. The rings feature the finest materials, with metals designed to retain their true color. Simon G. uses only conflict-free diamonds of the highest quality.

Simon G. rings work for a variety of couples because of the many different styles. Consider this ring designer if you want a strong focus on quality and unique designs beyond the basic solitaire. Simon G. rings are perfect for those creative souls who want to stand out in a crowd.

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9. Tacori

Tacori blends all the elegance of classic designs with modern design elements for truly inspired creations perfect for the modern bride. Haig Tacorian started the design company using his European heritage combined with California style. Rings and other jewelry pieces from Tacori are all handmade by expert goldsmiths, gemstone selectors and gemstone setters. Each artisan focuses on a particular step in the process to put a specific skill set to use. The team hand-selects and hand-sets each stone individually to create the highest quality jewelry, and it all takes place in California, where the company is based.

Because Tacori relies on master artisans to create all of the ring designs in-house, the company welcomes customized designs, which lets you get the look you want. You can visit an authorized Tacori retailer to begin the design process. Keep in mind, the customized ring will take extra time. Don’t let the idea of a customized ring scare you, though. You don’t need any design experience for the process. Simply know what your partner would like, and work with your Tacori jeweler to come up with the perfect engagement ring.

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Tips for choosing a ring designer you love

Tips for Choosing a Ring Designer You Love

Learning about the different features and specialties of each ring designer gives you a good start on narrowing down the options. When choosing an engagement ring designer, use these additional tips to help you choose the best designer for you:
  • Recipient’s preferences: It really comes down to what the lucky recipient of the ring likes. You want to choose a designer who creates the style of rings that your future spouse loves. If you’re not sure, consider the other types of jewelry your partner wears routinely to subtly feel them out and get an idea of the engagement rings they might like. You could also come right out and ask what type of engagement ring your bride-to-be wants if they know the proposal is coming.
  • Friend and family suggestions: If you’re still unsure on the style of ring to buy, reach out to trusted friends or family members of your future wife. They can likely steer you toward particular designers or styles of rings. Just make sure to swear them to secrecy if the engagement is a surprise.
  • Personal recommendations: Do you know someone who has a ring your sweetheart would love? Does your special someone gush over a friend’s engagement ring? If you can ask without giving away the secret, find out the designers of those rings. It can help you narrow down your search and give you a place to start.
  • In-person viewing: You can get a good idea of the style of rings a designer produces by researching online, but sometimes you just need to see a few different designers in person to really get a feel for the style. You may notice subtle detailing that really fits your partner’s style when you see the rings of a particular designer in person.
  • Metal and gemstone options: Many wedding ring designers offer the common ring metals and plain white diamonds. If your special someone has a unique style that demands something a little different, look for a designer who works with a variety of precious metals and incorporates colorful gemstones in the designs.
  • Budget: Your love for your bride-to-be is limitless. Unfortunately, your bank account probably is not limitless. Setting a budget before you start shopping can help you find a ring designer that fits your needs. Some designers are naturally in a higher price bracket, which may push them out of your budget range. That’s okay, though, because there are plenty of other designers out there, many of whom create just as amazing designs as the ones out of your price range.
  • Jewelry recommendations: Don’t be afraid to ask your jeweler for recommendations on the best designers for your engagement ring purchase. Jewelers spend all day working with engagement rings and should know the different designers quite well. Explain the style you’re going for and your price range to get specific designer recommendations from your jeweler.
Do you already have a ring designer in mind, or does the idea of sorting this all out leave you feeling confused and stressed? Visit Mountz Jewelers to see the work of these top engagement ring designers in person. We’re happy to introduce you to all of the top ring designers we carry and offer suggestions that are perfect for your upcoming proposal.
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