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Estate Sale

What's Great About Estate!

With so many popular designers to choose from, you may start to see others wearing the same pieces that you once felt were yours.
Why not go for something that has a bit more history and is a little bit more unique? Estate jewelry is previously loved and owned jewelry and is treasured for its unreplicable antique or vintage styles from many different decades and eras.
With Mountz Jewelers, you can shop a wide selection of estate jewelry and be certain that you are receiving a fair price, backed with proper research! Ensuring our customers get the best deal possible takes extensive market research on our end and is very important when shopping for estate jewelry. Here’s what’s so great about estate jewelry!
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It’s easy to simply go online and do a quick search on pre-owned or estate jewelry, however, you need to know what signs to look for! As mentioned before, most estate jewelry pieces are one-of-a-kind, so if you see that there are multiple duplicates of the same ring available for sale, then that is most likely not what you are looking for. Bulk orders do not make for a trustworthy estate sale. 
Estate jewelry tends to be old, but that doesn’t mean just accept anything! Inspect the back, its sides, and all angles of the piece you’re considering before buying. Yes, there will be signs of wear, but keep a closer lookout for chips in gemstones and cracks in the enamel, which can be difficult to repair and bring down the value of your piece. All these components should and can be factored into the final asking price.
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Style and Age
This tends to be where a little more jewelry experience is needed. But a straightforward tip is that if something claims to be old, but its enamel is still intact, then something is not right. The weight and size are also good indicators of age. A lot of older jewelry tends to be very light, and certain pieces were made small because many people were smaller then!

If the price looks too good to be true for what they are selling you, then trust your gut. When purchased wisely and at a fair price, estate pieces should hold their value over time, as the discount in price from pieces’ age as well as wear and tear have already been factored in. Compare the prices and quotes you receive to the stones, metal, and quality of the piece.
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Don’t settle for anything less than the best! At Mountz Jewelers, we not only sell estate pieces, but we also purchase them too. With our buying and selling event from August 3rd through the 8th, you can receive an additional 25% for the value of your items when you choose store credit.* On top of that, shop our own sale, with up to $200 off your purchase of $1,000 or more!* You don’t need to become a connoisseur of estate jewelry when you have experts like us that you can trust.
*See store for details. Some exclusions apply.