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Le Vian

  1. Le Vian Pendant featuring Neopolitan Opal with Vanilla and Chocolate Diamonds in 14K Strawberry Gold
  2. Le Vian Vanilla Diamond Oval Bangle in Vanilla Gold
  3. Le Vian Earrings featuring Strawberry Sapphire Ombré in 14K Strawberry Gold
  4. Le Vian Creme Brulee Pendant featuring Aquaprase Candy with Nude and Chocolate Diamonds in 14K Strawberry Gol
  5. Le Vian Earrings featuring Denim Ombré Sapphires in 14K Vanilla Gold
  6. Le Vian Earrings featuring Chocolate and Vanilla Diamonds in 14K Strawberry Gold
  7. Le Vian Creme Brulee Stud Earrings featuring Chocolate and Nude Diamonds in 14K Honey Gold