Inspire 40

Ron Leitzel and Tonia Leitzel Ulsh, owners of Mountz Jewelers, are celebrating 40 years in business with INSPIRE 40, a gifting campaign to surprise and recognize inspiring individuals and organizations in central Pennsylvania who enrich the community and make the places we call home stronger, brighter, and more joyful. See below for who was selected for this great honor and why!

Linda Carchidi

Linda Carchidi - Inspired by Intention. Linda, your business leadership as the founder of JFC Staffing Companies in 1975 has put thousands of people to work and helps make our region a talent magnet and a reason for young people to move here. Entrepreneurship requires many skills, and one of the most important is the intention. Your leadership for women in the staffing industry and for women in business continues to open doors for workers to thrive.

Mike Wilson

Mike Wilson – Inspired by Celebration. Thank you for your tremendous sense of community spirit. Whether it’s at Members 1st Federal Credit Union or in the community, you are a master at turning any event or conversation into a celebration of Harrisburg, which brightens our capital region.

Tracey Jones

Tracey Jones – Inspired by Freedom. Thank you for your service to our country and for creating a foundation for Tremendous Leadership. As you share your “Igniting Greatness Within” message with Millennials, women business leaders, and the business community, you’re transforming our workplaces and helping us become the best versions of ourselves.

Rubina Azizdin

Rubina Azizdin – Inspired by the Vision for Opportunities. As the Director of Stem-Up Network for Harrisburg University, you have been a champion for young women in STEM, and we are grateful for your advocacy on behalf of diversity and inclusion. With passionate leaders like you, we are certain that many young women will consider careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math as a first choice.

Ashley Mentzer

Ashley Mentzer – Inspired by Fitness. We are inspired by your entrepreneurial spirit as the founder of Thrive Fit Co and your ability to encourage everyone, regardless of age or ability, to join your movement towards wellness. You are a role model, and we accept the challenge to get fit and thrive!

Jeannine Peterson

Jeannine Peterson – Inspired by Impact. Jeannine, we are inspired by your leadership of Hamilton Health Center, celebrating its 50th year, and by your career in serving the underserved. Providing medical, dental, vision, and mental health services to more than 39,000 people is both life-saving and life-changing!

Dr. Margee Ensign

Dr. Margee Ensign - Inspired by Peace. We are honored by your daily leadership of Dickinson College, one of the most esteemed colleges in the U.S. And, we are inspired by your international initiatives on social entrepreneurship, your Adamawa Peace Initiative promoting peace through education and community development, and your passion for service and making a difference in higher education.

Jillian Biehl Morrison

Jillian Biehl Morrison - Inspired by Impact. Jillian, for more than five years, you’ve been on a mission with Bevrore to make sure women have a photograph they love of themselves! We are inspired by your artistic eye and your commitment to encouraging women to have confidence and to love the way they look.

Julie Walker

Julie Walker - Inspired by Resolve. We are honored to recognize your extraordinary, life-changing work in preventing Sudden Cardiac Arrest in student-athletes and in our youth through The Peyton Walker Foundation. From your personal tragedy, you created a movement that is saving lives every week, from Little League fields to Penn State Football fields and high schools and colleges across the country. Knowledge is power, and we are grateful for the free heart-screening clinics and hundreds of AEDs you have donated in our public places.

Robin Scherer

Robin Scherer - Inspired by Compassion. We have watched the Furry Friends Network pet family grow to include cats and dogs from around the country, and we are grateful for your commitment to finding them loving homes. We are grateful for your example of kindness and compassion in saving the lives of unwanted dogs and cats by providing medical treatment, spay and neuter surgeries, and foster and adoption services.

Dr. Linda Fedrizzi-Williams

Dr. Linda Fedrizzi-Williams – Inspired by Mentorship. Dr. Fedrizzi-Williams, higher education is a game-changer for young people, and we are grateful for your commitment to mentor young women and students, to open doors for them, to be honest about leadership challenges, and to be an incredible role model for our region. We are inspired by Central Penn College’s impact on higher education and for your role in preparing our next generation of leaders.

Floyd Stokes

Floyd Stokes – Inspired by Stories. Floyd, we’ve been privileged to watch the extraordinary impact of the American Literacy Corporation and SuperReaders. Reaching more than 85,000 to date, ALC and 500 Men Read is combating illiteracy and showing the success of early intervention programs. We join you in a lifelong love of stories!

Lucy Zander

Lucy Zander – Inspired by Partnership. Lucy, it has been a privilege for Mountz to be one of United Way of Carlisle & Cumberland County’s community partners for the past several years. United Way’s philosophy is “by the people, for the people” and you have inspired us with your openness, your heart for our communities and residents, and your spirit of generosity and partnership. Your leadership has led to a stronger, healthier, more educated region. You inspire us!

Sondra Wolfe Elias

Sondra Wolfe Elias - Inspired by Courage. Sondra, we are thankful for your commitment to health and wellness with Central Penn Wellness and making a difference in the lives of those who have Parkinson’s disease. From your personal journey with Parkinson’s, you’re providing a challenging physical experience to engage muscles critical to sustained movement in the Rock Steady Boxing program. Designed by boxing professionals, this activity is not only for patients but for “corner coaches,” and you're inspiring a new quality of life for people with Parkinson’s. Your courage and commitment continue to inspire us!

Dr. Laurie Carter

Dr. Laurie Carter – Inspired by Collaboration. Dr. Carter, we are thankful for your leadership at Shippensburg University and for your focus on diversity and student success. You are an inspiration to more than 7,000 SHIP students who will be our next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists, authors, engineers, and community champions

Dr. John J.Sygielski

Dr. John J. “Ski” Sygielski - Inspired by Loyalty. Ski, your support for higher education in Pennsylvania, and especially your mission to eliminate barriers for first-generation community college students, and to equip students with workforce-ready skills are tremendous asset to our region. You have become the voice of students seeking to make a difference in our world, and you are creating a sense of community with corporations, small business, and higher education. — with Ski John J. Sygielski.

Corporal Chad Miller & K-9 Officer Rex

Corporal Chad Miller & K-9 Officer Rex - Inspired by Protection. Officer Mike Elezovic & K-9 Officer Chase - Inspired by Protection. There are those in our community who risk their lives and their own safety as first responders to serve and protect our homes, families, and businesses. Officers, we are incredibly grateful for your selflessness and loyalty to our community and for the special bond you have with K-9 Officers Rex and Chase. Thank you for protecting us from the dangers of narcotics and those who would wish to do harm. We appreciate your service! — with Lower Paxton Township Police Department.

Kathy Hawkins

Kathy Hawkins - Inspired by Daring. We have long admired your "voice for a cause" and are deeply inspired by your daring and boldness to turn a personal diagnosis of cancer into a statewide crusade. Thousands of Pennsylvanians can now afford life-saving oral chemotherapy thanks to your legislative impact.

Kevin Curtis

Kevin Curtis - Inspired by Security. Both in your career in financial health and security, as well as your commitment to the well-being of the Carlisle community, your enthusiasm and positive attitude are contagious. Kevin, you are a true connector of people and your willingness to serve and support our region year-after-year inspires us and the entire Harrisburg region. — with M&T Bank in Middlesex, Pennsylvania.

Jan Skipper

Jan Skipper - Inspired by Devotion. We are inspired by your service to others and your tremendous impact in our community through The Salvation Army Harrisburg Capital City Region. In spite of your sight limitations, you have singlehandedly raised the highest amount of money in our Red Kettles, as well as raised the most money for the Highmark Walk. We are humbled by your devotion, your selflessness, and your ability to make a difference.

Cindy Minnich

Cindy Minnich - Inspired by Selflessness. We are grateful for the impact of The Salvation Army Harrisburg Capital City Region throughout Central PA, and we know that hundreds of workers and volunteers join together in #DoingTheMostGood. We also know that many people work tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure every Shoe Strut, every Civic Event, and every Christmas appeal is communicated with maximum impact. We are inspired by your selflessness and your commitment to the highest and best use of every resource The Salvation Army receives. Your dedication in helping thousands of underserved receive the services they need to thrive.

Carrie Perry

Carrie Perry - Inspired by Prevention. Fighting Lyme Disease demands community-wide education and financial support. We are very thankful for your advocacy on behalf of your daughter, Samantha, as well as taking your battle with Lyme disease public to ensure Pennsylvanians know the facts, the treatments, and how to prevent this debilitating disease. We are inspired by your podcasts, TV news segments, and personal mission to provide education and support to people who need help recovering from Lyme Disease. We are inspired by your relentless commitment to Prevention.

Graham Hetrick

Graham Hetrick - Inspired by Discovery. Your service to Dauphin County and to the families and loved ones who are victims of crimes is renown throughout our region and the country. We are grateful for your honesty and your passion for making the Harrisburg area a better place to live and work. You give voice to those who have no representative and deliver solutions and hope in the midst of a devastating opioid crisis. Thank you for your leadership and your commitment to discovering the truth.

Kristal Turner-Childs

Kristal Turner-Childs - Inspired by Potential. We are honored to have you leading our community, and the first word that comes to mind when we hear your name is potential! Potential to be our best, to make a difference, to be a community champion. Your leadership at the Pennsylvania State Police is inspiring to so many women. And, your leadership in personal fitness and wellness through your social media channels and videos has encouraged hundreds of people to take steps to a healthier lifestyle.

Donna Partin

D.R.E.A.M. Partnership - Inspired by Possibilities We applaud the incredible efforts of Donna Partin, Board Chair, and the D.R.E.A.M. team in forging higher education opportunities for young individuals with intellectual disabilities. Your vision to empower people of all abilities to work, live, and contribute to a better society is unlocking tremendous talent and potential in young adults. We are inspired by your passion for unlimited possibilities!


Bosler Memorial Library, Jeffrey Swope, Executive Director - Inspired by Imagination Opened in 1900, the Bosler Memorial Library continues to be a crown jewel in Carlisle and serves more than 53,000 residents. Tens of thousands of books continue to open the "doors to learning and adventure for generations of people in Cumberland and surrounding counties." We are grateful for such a historic treasure, and we continue to be inspired by a library of boundless imagination.

Bethesda Mission

Bethesda Mission, Scott Dunwoody, Executive Director - Inspired by Tenacity. Building on a legacy founded in 1914, Bethesda Mission stands faithful in transforming the lives of men, women, and families in deep need. We are thankful you provide a safe haven from environments of chaos and insecurity and offer personal and outreach ministries to all who enter your shelter. We are inspired by your tenacity in service to others and by your life-changing ministry in our region. We presented a $800 check to Scott of Bethesda Mission last week in hopes to help support the needs of our community as the holiday season approaches.

Project Hope

Project SHARE, Robert Weed, Executive Director - Inspired by Hope. With a mission to provide healthy and nutritious food to individuals and families in need, Project SHARE is a shining example of what it means to "nourish our community." We are inspired by your message of hope and honored to support you in the "journey to freedom from want." We presented a $1,000 check to Robert, Executive Director of Project Share last week in hopes to help support the needs of our community as the holiday season approaches. We’re hoping $1,000 in turkeys will help. In addition to turkeys, we collected 130 cans of food during our recent Carlisle Chamber Mixer.

Lily Jordan

Lily Jordan - Inspired by the Sunrise. You are an incredible inspiration to us, and now, thanks to your new friendship with the Jonas Brothers, the world. We have followed your pediatric cancer journey through your Instagram account, and we are grateful for both your grit and your spirit. In each post, you share wisdom, stories, and facts about childhood cancer with a dose of reality and humor. Your special hashtag -- #TheSunWillRiseAndWeWillTryAgain -- keeps us mindful that with each new day, the sunrise brings fresh inspiration, purpose, and hope. To support Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and to help shine a bright light on your message and the Penn State CrossFit Club's THON mission, we are privileged to join your awareness campaign and donate to the PSU CrossFit Club. Thank you for your grace and openness. Your sunrise spirit inspires us!

Harrisburg YMCA In Honor of Judge William Caldwell

Harrisburg YMCA In Honor of Judge William Caldwell - Inspired by Integrity. The Harrisburg YMCA's legacy of youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility is preparing our youth for their best future. With deep respect and gratitude, we support the YMCA's programs in honor of one of Harrisburg's finest role models, Judge William Caldwell. We are inspired by his integrity, commitment to service for others, and for the YMCA's positive impact.