Bridal Jewelry For A Winter Wedding

Winter brides understand the special beauty the snowy season provides for a wedding, and you need winter wedding bridal jewelry that is just as beautiful and unique. The dress takes center stage, but your jewelry provides a dazzling accent to round out your wedding day look. Learn what jewelry is best for a winter wedding with our tips and suggestions.

Winter Wedding Trends

Everything from flower choice to colors and decorations changes with the seasons when it comes to wedding planning. The snowy, glittery tone of winter often filters into the wedding design trends, but there are other common threads in many winter weddings. Understanding these general winter wedding trends can help you choose winter wedding jewelry that works with those elements.

Some winter wedding styles and trends include:

  • Jewel tones: White is a common element in winter weddings, but many brides also inject color into the wedding design with jewel tones. The bold colors stand out against the wintery background.
  • Silver: Another popular color used in winter weddings is silver. The metallic hue creates a sparkling effect similar to the look of snow. It can add depth to a white wedding palette.
  • Sequins: Sparkling elements in a winter wedding play off the sparkling effect of snow and ice in nature. Brides often pull in sparkling accents with the use of sequins, glitter, twinkling lights and other dazzling elements.
  • Natural elements: It’s not all sparkle and shine for winter brides. Natural elements are also popular. Berries, branches, pinecones and evergreen boughs are examples of inspiration gathered from Mother Nature.
  • Winter flowers: Bridal flowers tend to change with the season. Winter flower arrangements often include calla lilies, amaryllises and red roses.
  • Non-floral accents: Another trend in bridal bouquets for winter is to include non-floral elements like sparkling pine cones, crystal accents with an icicle effect, pine boughs and even succulents.
  • Warmth: Winter brides often pull in warm elements to balance the chilly winter weather, such as candles. If the wedding reception venue has a fireplace, the wedding decorations may center around drawing attention to it with a crackling fire inside. Hot drinks served with the meal are also common. Guests might enjoy hot coffee drinks or a hot chocolate bar, for example.
  • Mercury glass: This silvery glass is popular in Christmas ornaments, but it’s also ideal for vases, candle holders, jars and other accents that work for wedding décor.

Winter Bridal Wardrobe Considerations

Winter brides tend to go for more coverage than their summer bride counterparts due to the chillier temperatures. Long-sleeved dresses are common for winter ceremonies, especially after Kate Middleton made her walk down the aisle in a stunning long-sleeved dress with lace detailing. Long sleeves just make sense during winter.

If the dress offers more coverage, you also need to consider how that will affect your wedding jewelry choices. You can skip the bracelet, for example. Instead, go for a pair of dazzling earrings as your main wedding jewelry. If the long-sleeved dress features a plunging neckline or off-the-shoulder design, you can also incorporate a necklace.

Another popular trend for the bridal wardrobe is to include a wrap or cover of some sort, such as a poncho, caplet, shawl or jacket. If you do opt for one of these accessories, you might look for one in faux fur — it adds warmth and a fashionable touch to your look.

You’ll also want to consider how those pieces might affect your jewelry. If you choose long dangling earrings, they could get caught on a thick furry shawl, for example. A topper that comes up on your neck or closes around your neck can interfere with a necklace, too, so you may want to stick with shorter earrings as your primary wedding jewelry.

Wedding dress color is another consideration when planning your bridal jewelry. Bridal gowns are traditionally white or off-white, which are both neutral colors that pair well with most jewelry colors. However, more gowns include pops of color or overall color. If you choose one of these non-traditional wedding dresses, consider how your jewelry will coordinate.

Choosing Jewelry That Works With Winter Bridal Trends

Jewelry is typically one of the final parts of your wedding planning process. Unless you have heirloom jewelry you want to incorporate, choose your dress first and pick the jewelry to work with it.

Unless you have heirloom jewelry, choose your dress first and pick the jewelry to work with it.

When selecting your wedding jewelry, think about these specific elements of your wedding:

  • Dress style: Whether your dress is vintage, modern, traditional or another style, your jewelry should complement the general look of the dress. The detailing is also a factor. If your dress is full of glitzy, wintery detailing, tone down the jewelry. If you go simple with the dress, ramp up the winter sparkle with eye-catching jewelry.
  • Dress cut: The way your dress fits on your body can affect the type and style of jewelry that looks best. A dress with a high neckline may look gorgeous without a necklace. A long-sleeved dress doesn’t need a bracelet.
  • Personal jewelry style: Your wedding day is the perfect time to try something new and bolder than you might normally wear, but you also want to feel confident in your choices. Consider the type of jewelry you usually wear. If you’re not used to long, dangling earrings, they may feel heavy and bothersome on your wedding day.
  • Colors: Your jewelry doesn’t have to be colorless. Your dress may be white, but your jewelry can be any color. It’s your way of injecting a little pizzazz into the look. Consider your other wedding colors, including any metallic hues you’re using and select your jewelry based on those elements.
  • Hairstyle: Your winter wedding hairstyle is also a consideration when choosing jewelry. If you wear your hair down, opt for a bold statement necklace. If you go with an up-do, try a pair of statement earrings since they’ll stand out with your hair back from your face.
  • Other accessories: Think about the other accessories you plan to wear on your wedding day like a veil, tiara, shawl or other items. Choose jewelry pieces that complement them. Also, consider how those things might interfere with the jewelry. A necklace could get caught in a shawl, for instance.

Splashy Statement Pieces

Bridal jewelry doesn’t have to be subdued or tiny. Bold statement earrings are a great way to show off your personality and style. Look for a dangling pair with a unique design.

Bold statement earrings are a great way to show off your personality and style.

Earrings with one-of-a-kind silhouettes create the kind of drama you’re looking for in your wedding day ensemble. In addition to shape, finding pieces with sparkly accents helps draw attention to your look.


Pearls offer a classic look for brides no matter what time of year. Choosing traditional white pearls plays into the snowy feeling of the season. If you’re not a fan of the traditional look, though, go for something different. Pearls come in a variety of colors — some natural and some cultured.

One type of colored pearl is the Tahitian pearl. They are generally referred to as black pearls, but they can have a gray, blue, green or purple tint. Other colored pearls are also available. Choose a pearl color, style and size that fits your preferred look.


Diamonds are always a girl’s best friend, even in the chilly winter months. You can’t go wrong with the timeless look of diamonds in your wedding jewelry ensemble. They sparkle and shine like the snow and ice of the winter season, which makes them all the more appropriate for your cold-weather wedding.

Another benefit of diamonds is the versatility of the look after the wedding. Some gemstones are better suited for special occasions, but diamonds work for a variety of settings. The neutral color means you can pair them with almost any color of clothing, so you can get more mileage out of your wedding jewelry.

Some gemstones are better suited for special occasions, but diamonds work for a variety of settings.

Start with a dazzling pair of diamond earrings. If you want to go simple, pick a pair of diamond solitaire stud earrings. For a more noticeable look, opt for dangling earrings covered in diamonds. If your winter wedding dress is low cut, consider a necklace encrusted with diamonds. You can also add a simple diamond tennis bracelet or a bracelet design with more detail.

Jewel Tones

Jewel tones stand out against your white or off-white wedding dress, making a stunning addition to your ensemble. To keep everything complementary, select colors you integrate into the rest of your wedding design scheme. If your bridesmaids wear gowns in a jewel tone, opt for earrings and other jewelry pieces using that same jewel tone to tie your look to the girls in your wedding party.

Try a simple stud earring with the selected jewel tone stone in the center. A textured metal frame around the stone also highlights the color and can pull in any metallic elements in your wedding color scheme.

Blue Hues

Blue is a classic color for brides, no matter what the season. An easy way to fit in your something blue is by incorporating it into your jewelry. Blue is often associated with the winter months as a cool, icy color, so jewelry pieces with blue gemstones work particularly well for your winter wedding.

Aquamarine gives you that light, icy look that’s fitting for the colder months. Pair the aquamarine stones with diamonds for an extra dazzling effect that exudes winter beauty. Darker blue gemstones like sapphires also work for your winter wedding jewelry selections. Those darker colors provide a bold pop against your light dress.

Metallic Tones

Silver is a popular color for winter weddings, but many brides choose other metallic shades including gold. Incorporate the metallic hues from your color scheme into your wedding jewelry to create a coordinated look, or go rogue with the metal choice you prefer. For a traditional look, yellow and white gold are the popular options. If you want something on the trendy side, choose wedding jewelry set in rose gold.

Dress color can also help you decide which metal finish to choose. Use this dress color and metal guide to help:

  • White dress: Platinum and silver pieces look particularly nice with a bright white dress.
  • Ivory dress: Opt for gold jewelry to bring out the creaminess of an ivory dress.
  • Champagne: A modern champagne-colored dress works well with gold jewelry.
  • Blush: Highlight the pink tones in your blush gown with rose gold jewelry.

Wedding dress color and metal guide.

Nature Inspiration

Since nature is often an inspiration for winter weddings, it makes sense to use those same natural elements for your wedding jewelry. Look for pieces that feature leaf or branch shapes.

Round earrings or pendants can also take on a subtle wreath look, which is a popular decoration option for winter weddings. If you’re going for a winter wonderland theme, look for jewelry pieces that have snowflake-inspired elements.

Drop Earrings

If you choose a long-sleeved wedding dress for your winter nuptials, mimic that length with drop earrings. This style of earring adds a bit of drama while creating balance in your look. Opt for drop earrings with a pearl, gemstone or other accents at the bottom for a touch of visual interest.

Ice and Frost Inspiration

You don’t want ice on your wedding day, but incorporating the idea of ice or frost into your wedding jewelry can add a beautiful nod to the season. Look for pieces that have an intricate pattern that resembles frost on a window. French lace style earrings work well to create this effect.

For an icicle design, opt for a necklace that comes to a point or crystal-like elements that look like ice.

Tips for Accessorizing Your Winter Wedding Look

Finalize your winter wedding ensemble with these wedding jewelry selection tips:

  • Balance the look: Wedding jewelry can be fun and bold, but don’t let it overshadow your wedding dress. Choosing one key piece of jewelry that stands out is a smart way to accessorize. Keep other jewelry pieces simple.
  • Avoid an overly matched look: Modern bridal jewelry trends lean toward variety rather than the traditional matched jewelry sets. Choose pieces that work well together without looking overly matched.
  • Think about future use: Your bridal jewelry should make you feel stunning on your wedding day, but if you can find something that is both beautiful and possible for you to wear for other occasions, you come out even better. Choose pieces you can wear on anniversaries or to other weddings and special events.
  • Bring a picture: When you look for jewelry, have a photo of your dress with you to get an idea of how the jewelry might work with it. If you have a swatch of the fabric and detailing on the dress, bring that along, too. Seeing the actual material next to the jewelry gives you a better idea of how well they work together.
  • Ask for help: Work with an experienced jeweler to help you find the perfect pieces to complement your wedding look. Let the jeweler know what styles you prefer and what look you want to achieve. You can get customized suggestions that will work well with your dress and fit your preferences.
  • Choose what you love: Don’t get too caught up in the “rules” of choosing bridal jewelry. If you love the pieces you choose, you’re going to shine on your wedding day. Choose pieces that reflect your personality and style, so you can wear them confidently.

Accessorize Your Winter Wedding Ensemble

There’s something magical about a winter wedding, and finding your dream winter wedding jewelry adds to the sparkling beauty of the day. Shop our jewelry collections online, or find the closest Mountz Jewelers location to find the perfect winter bridal jewelry to complement your dress.

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