ClickCease Mountz Jewelers Featured in Faulkner Honda's Community Spotlight

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Mountz Jewelers Featured in Faulkner Honda's Community Spotlight

Mountz Jewelers Featured in Faulkner Honda's Community Spotlight

Camp Hill, PA, August 20, 2020 - Mountz Jewelers was fortunate to be featured in this month's Faulkner Honda Community Spotlight! Faulkner Honda is located in Harrisburg, PA and share's Mountz values of treating every customer with excellent customer service.

Read the Community Spotlight below.


Community Spotlight: Mountz Jewelers

Summer is the season of love, and there’s no better time to start planning your big day than right now!

Of course, the first step is securing the perfect engagement ring. So, if you’re starting to hear wedding bells all around, the team at Faulkner Honda knows just the right place––Mountz Jewelers.

As a friendly neighbor, we love shining a light on our fellow local businesses. So, whether you’re looking to tie the knot or simply want to give a gift from the heart, continue reading this month’s community spotlight on Mountz Jewelers.

Check out their social media to learn more about this local gem!

World-Class Jewelry with Small-Town Charm

If you grew up in Central Pennsylvania, there’s a good chance you know someone who owns a piece or two from Mountz. For well over 40 years, the Leitzel family has been adorning their neighbors’ wrists, necklines, and fingers with a stunning collection of jewelry and watches.

From humble beginnings, the family expanded their business to three locations in Carlisle, Camp Hill, and Colonial Park/Harrisburg. Each store contains a wide selection of options and features several luxury-designer brands, including ROLEX (available at their Camp Hill store only), Forevermark, Hearts On Fire, John Hardy, LeVian, PANDORA, and more!

No matter your personal preference or budget, their friendly sales team can help you find a piece that perfectly exhibits your style and emotion.

From Gems & Diamonds to Sterling Silver

Mountz sources their ethically mined materials from all over the world.  They also carry a selection of lab-grown diamonds, as well.

The best part? You can browse their entire collection––all from the comfort of home! Simply use your smartphone or laptop to narrow your search by designer, jewelry type, or material.

Mountz also makes it easy to finance your next gift. You can easily apply for approved credit through their relationship with Wells Fargo.

Thinking about selling a piece? Their certified gemologist appraisers can accurately appraise your collection on site and offer a fair price. Several items they purchase include:

  • Loose diamonds
  • Gold and silver jewelry
  • Luxury watches
  • Antique coins and flatware

Add a Little Sparkle to Your Life with Mountz Jewelers

Now that we’ve shared our glowing review, we hope you’ll be inspired to pay Mountz Jewelers a visit.

To stay up to date on their hours of operation, special offers, and more, don’t forget to give them a like on social media today!