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The Top 13 Jewelry Trends for 2019

Emerging styles can be spotted from the runways and by the trends that well-known designers have their models wear. However, as contemporary outfits draw attention during these shows, the accents are what we're watching. Accessories make or break new looks, and jewelry ties together every ensemble on the runway.

As crucial as fashion shows, lookbooks and releases are, not all the styles become must-haves throughout the year. If a clothing style or accessory can't make it in a day-to-day outfit or workplace look, it may not survive. When it comes to jewelry trends, though, it looks like the styles on track to be popular in 2019 will have a little something for everyone.

New Jewelry Trends and General Forecast for 2019

Fresh choices for engagement rings and fine jewelry are coming this year. Returning styles from years ago, such as art deco, are making a comeback as well.

You can expect many striking looks coming in 2019, and the trends include bright color, royal styles and new gemstone cuts. Incorporate these styles into your wardrobe for daring looks. You can also expect a new preference for silver and white gold, while other metals keep rising in popularity. Large and layered necklaces are making a comeback in the new year, too.

Check out these 13 predictions for 2019's jewelry trends.

1. Statement Pieces and Maximalism

After the 2018 runways shocked us with large statement necklaces and massive earrings, we knew the dainty jewelry trend had competition. The emerging trend is known as maximalism, and its signature traits are supersized, abnormal and shockingly artistic fashions. This trend also is a color trend with bright hues like green, red, yellow and purple.

The maximalism style exudes luxury and extravagance — and while the runway is gaga for huge necklaces, even a single large colorful gemstone fits this look.

2. Looped Rings

Looped Rings

Looped or open rings, those whose design has a dramatic opening, is an emerging trend, and it's catching everyone's attention. Overlapping curves are especially intriguing. Keep your eye out for intersecting loops this year. Open rings that leave a loop unfinished are also a fun option.

Some pieces even have suspended gemstones with a surprising but stylish gap. The PANDORA Cosmic Lines Ring is an ideal jewelry piece if you'd like to get in on this beautiful design.

3. Dressed up Chokers

Chokers keep coming back — and they have throughout history. First popular in the 19th century, they found their way back around in the 1920s. After a long disappearance, the 1990s saw them again — and now they are back for 2019. Even PANDORA is ready with a black woven choker that spans the eras.

The collar is a similar trend with a style that hangs closely to the neck. Try the collar necklace trend or the choker this year to keep it alive as a recurring theme in fashion.

4. Preference of Silver or a Combined Metallic Look

Gold has been the front-runner in jewelry metal for a long time, but silver and white gold are stepping into the spotlight as well. Yellow gold either takes a back seat in 2019, or it shows up in combinations where a trio or larger group of metallics hang in harmony together. Many styles are trying to claim silver accessories right now, calling it either a fierce accessory or a soft accent.

If you've always wanted to try silver jewelry but gold has been your go-to choice, give the Ippolita Bangle a try. For the white gold look, Gabriel & Co.'s Bujukan Diamond and Sapphire Bangle Bracelet is a must-have. Rose gold is still a favorite on its own, just like in recent years, but the mixing of rose gold and silver or white gold is a rising fashion.

5. Layering

If one necklace is not enough, layers of thin necklaces are the alternative to large statement pieces. Mixing textures in necklaces is also emerging, but if you want a simple start to the layering trend, try the PANDORA Beaded Necklace. It can be paired with one or two more necklaces with elegant pendants.

If you are ready for as many layers as possible, launch into 2019 with the chandelier necklace. It is a piece that features two gorgeous chains, giving you a head start on the layered look.

Top Fine Jewelry Design Trends

Fine jewelry has several designs causing a frenzy in 2019. They are colorful, and they revitalize ideas like royalty and the art deco era. Through the inspiration of these vintage trends, the emerging styles of this year leave something for every taste, from the most regal to history lovers.

6. Royalty-Inspired

With two royal weddings on our minds, royalty is starting to find its way into our jewelry boxes, too. Meghan and Prince Harry and Princess Eugenie and Jack's wedding days featured tiaras, jewels and style that we want to replicate. Also, the style of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, is always a reason to dream of crowns and tiaras — which is why crown designs are showing up in stunning rings.

Crown Rings

The PANDORA Enchanted Crown Ring is one of these options that can give you the ceremonial feel of coronation on a small scale. Tiaras are a dainty way to channel the royal feel. Princess Eugenie's emerald and diamond tiara was a thing of fairy tales — and who doesn't want to be a part of a dreamy story of a princess? There is also Le Vian Diamond Tiara Ring — a subtle but stately look that will have you dreaming of the royal life.

The women of the royal family often keep Princess Diana's legacy alive as well in their lifestyle, fashion and choice of jewelry. Engagement rings are also following this path of remembrance with classic cuts, colorful gems and extravagant settings. The triple diamond setting of Meghan Markle's ring, for example, can be the inspiration for this Mountz Collection Three Diamond Engagement Ring with side diamonds.

Princess Eugenie's blush-colored sapphire ring in an oval shape with a halo of diamonds was also a show stopper. Tacori Dantela Engagement Ring Semi Mount is a subtle choice that echoes the shape and sentiment. Deep royal blue and royal flush are taking over the palettes of 2019, too.

7. Gradient Gemstone Design

Gradient design sweeps beautifully and seamlessly transitions from one color to the next, and the color of your diamonds can, too. This Le Vian Strawberry Gold Chocolate and Vanilla Diamond Swirl Pendant shows the gradient design with colored gemstones approaching a darker tone in the middle. Your gemstones don't have to be brightly colored to exhibit this stunning gradient effect, though. Even subtle color changes are prominent in 2019.

Additionally, gemstones can move from smaller sizes to larger ones to hold the same gradation. Whether this design highlights a center gemstone or draws the eye along the cascading path, gradient gemstones take jewelry to another level. The Le Vian Strawberry Gold Ring with Chocolate and Vanilla Diamonds is one example of the smaller diamonds transitioning into larger ones for a dazzling experience.

8. Peacock-Inspired

The green and blue of peacock feathers is also a popular jewelry palette for this coming year. The elegant bird represents pride in some cultures and love or freedom in others, but its vibrant colors always show a beauty that can't be ignored. Emerald and deep indigo are back in 2019 to capture attention, but this time they'll be on your fingers or wrists.

Le Vian's Aquaprase Cabachon Peacock Drop Necklace is one piece that can bring the peacock colors to you. But the Honora After Dark Collection has a subdued version of the peacock trend in the Station Necklace with Black Spinel and Peacock Fresh Water Cultured Pearls.

9. Art Deco Style

The Roaring Twenties were a time of change, and they brought an iconic style, art deco, into existence. Geometric designs or complex linear patterns were showing up everywhere, from building architecture to clothing. Jewelry also featured these details with gem cuts and settings. Art deco drew from Egyptian art and industrial developments, and now modern jewelry is recalling elements of this trend in 2019.

Geometric Cut Jewelry

The geometric cuts that are making a comeback are baguette and triangle cuts. Hearts on Fire's designs shows the sharp style's return. Art deco featured all kinds of shapes as well, even hexagons. Square settings are also trending in engagement rings. A. Jaffe's Art Deco Collection has engagement rings that capture the essence of this era.

Fine Jewelry Trends in 2019 for Gemstones and Cuts

Even more specialized trends for fine jewelry, such as cuts and gemstones, display a desire for fresh colors and modernized gem cuts. New jewelry trends show sapphires catching everyone's fancy and two extremely different gemstone palette preferences.

10. A Rise in Pear-Shaped Diamonds

The pear-shaped diamond style is catching on, not just in engagement rings, but in other jewelry, too. Pendants cut in the teardrop or pear shape will likely continue to gain popularity in 2019.

The pear shape is also a trend growing in engagement rings. A Fana Bridal pear-shaped ring may be exactly what a soon-to-be-engaged person would look for in 2019. Many want a new and unique shape for an engagement ring, and this style is ready for the new year.

11. Nude Diamonds and Neutral, Earth Tones

Earth tones are taking diamonds and other gemstones by storm. A neutral palette may be the jewelry trend of 2019 for gemstones. Diamonds that range from clear and traditional to rich brown are beginning to be in demand.

Earth tones are sought-after because they can be worn with many styles and colors without clashing. Le Vian's Nude Diamond Open Circle Pendant is one example of the shift toward neutrals. Additionally, the Gemstone Oval Hoop Earrings have white and brown diamonds offering a complementing combination of earth tones.

12. Multi-Color Jewelry and Vibrant Colored Gemstones

Diverse Colored Jewelry

A trend that's entirely opposite of the neutral palette is a gorgeous a rainbow of colors. Featured in multi-colored bracelets, bright statement gems and more, diverse colors are a style that is likely to be exceedingly popular in 2019. The brightest shades in the spectrum are coming together for jewelry that is expressive and bold.

A charm like the PANDORA Color Fresco Abstract can bring multi-colored beauty into your sights for the new year.

Engagement rings may also follow the burst in color, as different gemstones are already rising in popularity. The JB Star Fancy Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring shows the possibilities of this trend. If a colorful center gemstone in your engagement ring does not appeal to you, then accenting gemstones can be your solution. A Simon G Halo Three Stone Engagement with blue sapphires and diamonds is an example of color entwined in a classic option.

13. Modern Baguette Cut

The baguette cut is not limited to the art deco style in 2019 because a modern form of this cut seems to be appearing in jewelry designs — such as the rectangular cut. This is likely just the start of complex designs that feature this cut, and it will likely revolutionize ring styles in the coming year.

The PANDORA Ice Formation Clip is a bead with continuous baguette embellishments that is an example of the trend. Engagement rings are following this possible rise in modern baguette designs. The JB Star Ladies Tapered Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring has more dramatic segments than previous styles.

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