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Mountz Perfect Moment: Elizabeth and Matt

Matt & Elizabeth Engagement

How Did You Meet?

We met on December 12th, 2010 for my cousin, AnnMarie’s sweet 16 birthday party. Matt and AnnMarie had been best friends since elementary school. Matt and I first met when Matt asked me to dance at the party and immediately hit it off. -Elizabeth

First Date:

The story of how we met could be considered our first date. Outside of that I planned a day in Philadelphia for Matt and I, since he was living in VA, he drove up to see me for the weekend. Since it was a nice day, we walked from my apartment down the Schuylkill River Trail to see the Art Museum and the Water Works. I decided to take Matt to Barcade and Frankford Hall, two Philly bars with old time arcade games, lots of good food and German beer. The following weekend, Matt planned a weekend in VA for us. He took me to Stone Tower Winery, a beautiful winery overlooking the vineyards. - Elizabeth

Proposal Story:

Matt & Elizabeth ProposalWe had arranged with two close friends, Tim and Toni, to see Christmas lights on December 20th, 2018. Our friend had just been in a car accident and was stuck inside for over a week. Her remedy for getting out of the house was for us to see Christmas lights. She and her fiance took us down a street with some Christmas lights and we spotted a historic property called ‘The Grange’. Elizabeth grew up around the street from The Grange and I had never seen it before but heard they decorate the property pretty nicely. We decided to venture down to check out the front of The Grange Estate since it wasn’t within view of the road. We went down a lit pathway and around to the front of the building. The front door was ornate with small Christmas trees lighting the boundary of the porch we stood on. Our friends told us to stand in front of the door to take a picture and that was when I got on my knee and proposed. - Matt


Experience at Mountz Jewelers (Carlisle):

Elizabeth Engagement Ring Close UpI went into Mountz Jewelers in early November just to see what I could find and look around. When I walked in I was greeted immediately by Ashley, who helped me figure out what I needed to find and where I needed to look. I had some guidelines of what the ring should look like but didn’t know much about the process. Ashley guided me through all the steps of picking out the perfect ring. My intentions that day were to learn more about diamonds, engagement rings and the process in all of it, but I left with the confidence that I had found the perfect ring for my perfect person. Ashley was so informative, calm, and at no point was she trying to push a sale. She was there to help and make sure everything was perfect. - Matt