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Perfect Moment #ThousandsAndCounting

Lauren & Wes, January 2015

Mountz Jewelers has made a resolution for the New Year. We will vow to share the Perfect Moments our customers so happily share with us throughout the year. When members of our Mountz family celebrate their love for each other with us, it’s only fitting that we pass it along as proud contributors to their special moment. Therefore we are thrilled to announce the engagement of Lauren & Wes, members of our Carlisle family! We wish them much love as they begin their life together and we look forward to celebrating all their perfect moments in the years to come.

Lauren & Wes’s Perfect Moment January 3, 2015 In Wes’s Words

“We met in 2014. I worked as a law clerk for Lauren's aunt. Upon seeing Lauren for the first time, I was absolutely mesmerized and immediately drawn to her. I kept telling myself not to say anything stupid to scare her off. The conversation flowed so smoothly, though, that I kept thinking about her throughout the remainder of the work day; wondering how I could go about reaching out to Lauren for a date without losing my job in the process.

Eventually, Lauren and I had our first date at Devon's in Hershey, PA. Quite frankly, my parents put the fear of God into me because I was dating my boss' niece. I became absolutely enthralled with her and immediately began to fall in love with her and her family.

Fast forward to our engagement... During the course of our relationship, Lauren and I would often meet for lunch outside of a park next to the Pennsylvania State Capitol. Thus, I always knew that would be where I proposed to her. When Christmas 2014 came, I purchased Kate Spade gifts for her that came in rather intricate packages. I told Lauren, however, that her main gift was on back order and I didn't know when it would arrive.

After two weeks passed, January 3, 2015, arrived. It was a cold and rainy day, but it was the day that we were getting engaged with a ring from Mountz (quite a family tradition). My parents and I devised a plan to tell Lauren that they (my parents) wanted to tour the capitol building. My parents fibbed and told Lauren they had an errand to run beforehand, but that they would meet her and me downtown.

With this plan in motion, Lauren and I headed to the Capitol. As we proceeded past our spot, towards the main entrance of the Capitol, I told Lauren that her gift had arrived and that I had been meaning to give it to her. The gift, her engagement ring, was presented to her in a Kate Spade box. Upon realizing that it was a ring from Mountz, Lauren began to cry. At that point, I got on my knee and asked her to marry me. Lauren said yes -- later that day we were both so excited that she asked me if she said "yes," in response, I asked her if I asked her to marry me. The rest is history and we are happily in the process of planning our wedding and future together.” Engagement Day (1_3_2015)