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Push Presents

If you're a soon-to-be dad, you might be wondering what a push present is or how to choose a gift that truly expresses how you feel. A push present is a gift for a mother who just gave birth. Usually, her husband gives the gift, but grandparents, friends or other family members might also give push presents to celebrate a birth.

The purpose of a push present is to show your appreciation to your other half for all the hard work and pain she endured delivering your bundle of joy. It shows her how much you care for and cherish her. Unlike traditional baby presents, a push gift is about pleasing and pampering a new mom.

Choosing a memorable push present might feel a little intimidating, but the key is to make a new mom feel special with a gift that is thoughtful and fits her personality. Most importantly, take pleasure in the gift-giving experience. She'll appreciate your gesture even more if it's a present from your heart.

Still feeling nervous about choosing the perfect push gift? Take a deep breath and get ready to celebrate parenthood with your significant other. We're going to share push present ideas that will remind her she is still the woman you fell in love with, and now that she has become the mother of your child, your love is growing deeper.

Push Present Origin

Push presents are also called baby baubles, and the exact origin is unknown. However, gift-giving has been around for thousands of years, and it is not an unusual concept for a husband to give his wife a gift after childbirth.

A push present is a give a husband gives to his wife after childbirth.

For example, when Princess Elizabeth gave birth to Prince Charles in 1948, her husband Prince Philip surprised her with a bouquet of red roses and carnations. Likewise, John F. Kennedy gave his wife Jackie a ruby-studded brooch after the birth of their son in 1960.

The popularity of push presents has grown in recent years for various reasons. Celebrities may have helped spread the word, as they commonly give push presents to celebrate a birth. For example, Kim Kardashian West received a diamond choker as a push present after giving birth to her son Saint. Pink's husband, Carey Hart, gave her a motorcycle as a push present after the birth of their son Jameson, while Matthew Broderick gave Sarah Jessica Parker a $6,000 charm bracelet after the birth of their son.

However, celebrities are not the only ones responsible for sparking a push present trend. Husbands are more involved with their wives' pregnancies than ever before. In the 21st century, it is not uncommon for men to attend pregnancy classes and read parenting books, and they feel more empowered to support their wives throughout the entire process. Because men are more aware of what their wives go through during their pregnancy, such as pain, hormonal changes and nausea, they are more sympathetic. Men genuinely want to treat their wives to something special at the end of the pregnancy journey before entering the next phase. They give push presents not because celebrities do it, but to acknowledge their wife's hard work.

Although push presents are not a requirement, they are a sweet gesture and are sure to make your partner feel special.

Push Present Ideas

What you choose as a push present all depends on what you want to communicate. Every woman has different tastes in gifts, but most will agree they want something heartfelt above all else. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

  • Remember it's about her: Motherhood may change how a woman feels about her body, and she might be in need of a confidence-booster. Consider choosing a gift that reminds her she is still the attractive, smart and funny woman you always loved, and that she always will be.
  • Buy something she can enjoy right away: Although spa treatments or vacations are nice, aim to get her something she can enjoy right away and which creates a special memory before the chaos of parenthood pushes gift-giving to the side. Treat her to something she can enjoy wearing or looking at immediately, rather than in the future.
  • Don't forget the card: No matter what gift you choose, make sure to include a note or card that expresses your love and appreciation in words — it's the must-have complement to any gift.

Ready for some push present ideas? We've compiled a list of great push presents that are not just jewelry, but other ideas to inspire you.

1. Cozy Nursery Chair

Although a push present is supposed to be all about making the woman feel special, an ultra-comfortable nursery chair is sure to be well-received. Any new mom will undoubtedly spend a lot of time in the nursery chair, whether she's feeding the baby in the middle of the night or taking a nap when she gets a chance.

Cozy Nursery Chair

Fortunately, many modern nursery chairs are not stiff wooden rocking chairs reserved for Mother Goose. Today's nursery chairs are designed for maximum comfort, and some have special features like built-in USB ports or quiet reclining capabilities. You might even consider a massage chair for the nursery. Your partner will love to come home to a cozy chair to cuddle with the baby and recover from childbirth.

2. Instant Digital Camera

Does your other half love to take photos? If so, acknowledge her artistic talents and treat her to a fun instant digital camera like Polaroid Snap or Kodak Printomatic. These cameras store photos digitally and instantly print pics. That way, a new mom won't have to worry about finding the time to print dozens of baby photos all at once, and she can easily capture spontaneous moments. Pair the camera with magnets or frames so she can display her newborn photography.

3. Pajamas

New moms need to catch shuteye whenever they can, so comfortable clothes are a necessity. However, it is not a requirement for new moms to live in old sweatpants and T-shirts.

Pamper your baby mama with a brand-new pair of comfortable yet stylish pajamas, and you can't go wrong. She'll feel like a goddess in a silky pair of pajamas or an elegant, flowing robe — perfect for nursing and feeling chic at the same time. Go with a fabric you know she'll love and feel comfortable wearing.

4. Bubble Bath

If your partner enjoys locking herself in the bathroom and relaxing in a tub for hours, a quality bottle of bath bubbles will do the trick, and it can be an inexpensive option. Choose a bath bubble that will moisturize her skin and which offers a relaxing scent so she can de-stress after a long day.

Epsom salt helps soothe sore muscles and moisturizing essential oils like lavender, rose or ylang-ylang will take her away to a place of peace and calm. Pair the bubble bath with a bar of dark chocolate, and you'll secure her heart for eternity.

5. Jewelry

Jewelry is the most popular push present choice, and many times makes the most powerful statement. A lot of women love the sentimental value of jewelry, and a piece of jewelry is something they can wear every day to remind them of the challenges they overcame and the love you share as a family.

Jewelry can be a daily reminder of your family's love

Also, jewelry is romantic. Nothing is more special than a dazzling diamond ring to express your adoration, or a set of birthstone earrings to show she is your child's mother and the queen of your heart.

Choose a birthstone pendant to celebrate your child's birthday or a baby-themed charm bracelet which adds whimsy and meaning to any jewelry collection. She can collect charms over the years, like initials, birthstones and symbols, to honor who she is as a mother and as a woman. She might even save room on her charm bracelet for the next bundle of joy.

Other popular jewelry options include a stackable band to complement her wedding ring and symbolize a milestone. You might choose a locket or an engraved pendant for a precious keepsake. There are many ways to say "I love and cherish you" with a piece of jewelry.

6. Coffee Machine

Is your partner a coffee lover? After nine months of living caffeine-free, a coffee-loving mom is bound to think a coffee machine is the most awesome push gift ever. New moms appreciate a hot cup of coffee to give them the energy they need throughout the day, especially after a long night of feeding a new baby. Some coffee makers are more new-mom-friendly than others. After all, after a long night, she'll want the process to be as simple as possible. Consider fast-brewing single-cup makers to provide just enough zip and fresh flavor without a caffeine overload.

Try a Keurig coffee maker or an espresso machine for a classy cup of joe in a matter of minutes. Choose delicious aromatic flavors like hazelnut or mocha to fill the home with yummy scents and energize the day.

7. Sushi-Making Kit

Did your significant other suffer from intense sushi cravings during her pregnancy and swear she was going to eat sushi for 24 hours straight after giving birth? If so, you found your push present.

Consuming raw fish is off-limits for pregnant women, so your sushi lover will be ecstatic to master the art of sushi-making and enjoy fresh sushi whenever she wishes at home. It's fun, too, and it'll help her keep in touch with her pre-mom self.

8. Hot Tub

Depending on your budget and space at home, you might opt to spoil your mom-to-be with a luxurious hot tub. The average cost of a hot tub is around $8,500. You can install a hot tub anywhere, whether it be on the deck, yard or indoors. A hot tub is perfect for spa-like relaxation, and it's something you can enjoy together on date night.

9. Perfume

If your other half adores designer perfumes, but is always hesitant to spend too much on herself, this may be the perfect gift. Choose a scent that makes her feel sexy and confident for special evenings or to remind her she's growing more beautiful every day. Try a sweet and sensual scent like Love the Way You Feel or Moonlight in Heaven, both by Kilian Hennessy.


10. Laptop

If you're married to a writer or work-at-home mom, you can't go wrong with a laptop. A laptop will allow your mom-to-be to work comfortably from the sofa with baby nearby or in the nursery during naptime. She can blog, work, shop and read anywhere she needs to be.

If your other half loves to read e-books or surf the web, you might consider a tablet instead, which offers even more flexibility. However, a laptop is the better option for work and will keep her out of uncomfortable desk chairs.

11. Chic Diaper Bag

You can surprise your new mom with a diaper bag that is both functional and stylish. Make her feel like a star with a Kate Spade tote bag or a unique handmade diaper bag. There are so many trendy and cute diaper bags on the market that do not look like diaper bags and will make your significant other feel young, hip and carefree.

Push Present Etiquette

When it comes to push present etiquette, there are no set rules. When a husband gives a gift to his wife after delivering their child, it's an intimate experience no guidelines can define. However, as with any gift-giving occasion, you'll want to consider time and place. Keep these tips in mind.

  • Consider the timing: You can choose to give the push present before or after childbirth. If you want to give the gift after birth, it's best to wait until the excitement has calmed down and she is resting comfortably. Otherwise, she might be too distracted to enjoy the special moment fully.
  • Wait until you are alone: Aim to give the gift when you have a moment alone. Wait between visits from nurses, doctors, friends and other family members or when visiting hours are over. You want to avoid an awkward gift-giving moment in front of friends and family, and instead put the focus on her and the love you share.

Overall, try to find a quiet, uninterrupted space in time to give the gift. Most importantly, enjoy sharing the moment with her alone.

Find the Perfect Push Present at Mountz

The perfect push gift is the one that holds meaning to your significant other. It's something that will bring her joy, make her feel cherished and express your gratitude for her willingness to go through the process of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. A push gift is not an obligation, but it is something she will never forget.

As you can see, there are many push present ideas, and what you choose depends on what you think she'll love the most. If you are struggling to decide on the perfect present, you can't go wrong with a piece of sentimental jewelry.

Find the perfect push present at Mountz Jewelers!

Turn to experts at Mountz Jewelers to help you find the best piece of jewelry that fits her style, while symbolizing the birth of your child and your love for your partner. We'll also help you choose a piece of jewelry that is beautiful and within your budget.

If you are looking for custom-engraved jewelry to celebrate your new family member, we also offer engraving services so you can deliver a heartfelt message your partner can wear. Don't wait too long to find the perfect push present for your loved one. Visit us at one of our central Pennsylvania locations today and Trust Your Special Moments to Mountz!