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A man down on one knee proposing to an ecstatic women at a concert

An Unexpected Perfect Moment

Dalton and I attended the same high school and knew each other through mutual friends, but our story started on October 5th, 2012. I was in a car accident after school, and Dalton is also a lieutenant at our local volunteer fire department, he was first on the scene. We were best friends after that. He would call me every day after my accident just to make sure that I was doing ok.

Our first real date was September 24th, 2014 when I took Dalton to a Chris Young concert in Bloomsburg for his birthday, and at the concert, during "Who I am with you," Dalton asked me to be his girlfriend. We have been through so much together since then, but only growing us closer together and making us stronger as a couple.

Dalton and Brandi's Perfect Moment with Chris Young

Fast-forwarding four years later, Chris Young came to Hershey, Pennsylvania. November 9th, 2018 we attended his concert in Hershey with one of my great friends... who also happens to be a professional photographer. After back and forth phone calls to security and emailing Chris Young's management, Dalton was able to gain permission to capture the perfect moment. We were having a great time! Chris Young came out and started singing, it was song #5, "Who I am with you" when I started videotaping because it was such a special song to Dalton and me, and that is when it became even more special. Dalton got down on one knee and proposed!

I immediately started to cry, and Dalton started to cry with me, it was the most magical moment... just the two of us surrounded by hundreds of people, but just solely focused on each other. I said yes, people cheered, took pictures, Chris Young acknowledged our engagement on stage, it was wild! Since then, Dalton and I have been celebrating with friends and family and starting to plan our wedding. We plan to get married on August 29th, 2020. We are still uncertain of where our venue will be, but as long as we are surrounded by family and friends, we know that our wedding day will be one to remember.

Create Your Own Moments

Our experience at Mountz Jewelers has been nothing less of amazing! Dalton has been going to Mountz since we first started dating, and he, as well as their sales associates, have always been able to pick me out the most beautiful jewelry! They are truly interested in what makes you happy and what "fits" your loved one best. "Trust your special moments to Mountz"!