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A married couples hands and rings on their wedding day

The Perfect Moment for Old Lovers

On April 16, 1963, Kenneth proposed to Norma with a beautiful diamond engagement ring. They were married in Shippensburg on November 30, 1963. 

Normas and Kenneth were both teachers and he has since passed away. Norma recently stopped by Mountz Jewelers with the engagement ring and wedding band with hopes of redesigning them into something new using the original diamonds. 

We didn't just redesign her rings, we reset all of the diamonds into a lovely new mounting.

Norma's Picture

When Norma picked up her newly redesigned diamond ring she shared, with us, a picture of their hands and rings on their wedding day.

In addition, our Jeweler, David, melted down the gold from the original ring mountings and molded it into a teardrop that she wears as a necklace.

We thank Norma for sharing her perfect moment with us.

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