Ear Piercing — A Bonding Experience

Many women who have their ears pierced have a story to share about that first piercing. For most of them, the memory is from their childhood — sitting in the piercing chair with their mom standing off to the side (or squeezing their hand tight).

The great part about motherhood is the bonding experiences you share with your children. Whether that’s a meaningful conversation or a weekend getaway, the goal is to get to understand your child a little deeper and create a memory that connects the two of you. Taking your child for their first ear piercing is a great place to start.

When to Get Your Child’s Ear Pierced

This age-old question doesn’t have a definitive answer. There is no specific age for someone to have their ears pierced — some cultures will pierce the ears of a baby only a few days old while sometimes a person’s first piercing could occur in their mid-thirties.

A typical age for a child to get their ears pierced is late childhood and early adolescence. This general time in a child’s life is when they begin taking on personal responsibilities and demonstrating self-care. It’s important for a child to understand the care that goes into maintaining and cleaning a new piercing.

Getting a piercing at a young age can be a life-changing event, so be sure to recognize when your child is ready for the next step. Then, share in the happiness and create a new bonding experience for both of you!

How to Choose the Right Earring

Choosing the right earring for a first piercing can be a difficult choice. Because the earring needs to remain in the ear to fully heal for at least six weeks, you’ll want to help your child choose a piece that reflects their personality and is one they’ll continue to love in a few months.

A classic choice for an ear piercing is a gemstone stud. Match your child’s birth month with a round stud or choose a square gem for a standout appearance.

Flowers and nature-like earrings are a popular choice for a young kid’s first piercing. PANDORA offers some beautiful sterling silver posts in recognizable flower types. You can find purple forget-me-nots, a lace daisy or even some pink blooming dahlias!

Another option for a young girl could be the beautiful heart stud. No matter if you’re sticking to tradition or branching out into a creative design, an important factor to remember is the sensitivity factor in the ears. It is recommended to opt for earrings made from sterling silver, titanium or gold-plated stainless steel for young children’s ears.

Trust Your Special Moments to Mountz

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